Chapter Next: Mike Brown is the New Trayvon Martin

   ferg When past is prologue. As many of y’all know, I blog about all kinds of social justice stuff, including the kinds of things that have been taking place in Ferguson this week. I’ve not written a new blog because it’s Groundhog Day … people of color have lived and agonized this repeatedly … It’s a scary thing, though, when my own blog proves prophetic … Last summer, when I wrote about the verdict in the Trayvon Martin murder case, I spent a paragraph talking about how I would share with Alex the fact that the justice system instinctively mistrusts people of color. And I recounted a story of how I’d called the cops for help, then been treated like a suspect when Alex “went for a walk” just short of his 3rd birthday. It’s a year later, and this morning, I shared that very story with him to make the point that in my encounter with the cops and in Mike Brown’s encounter, people of color are often viewed with suspicion by law enforcement. I commend this piece to you now (it’s linked below) .. .and also point out the deja vu of my exhorting folks to attend what I will call rally 2013, when Alex and I just attended rally 2014 last night for the same reasons and at the same park. Insanity is doing the same thing, or (my interpretation) having the same toxic institutional forces visited upon you  repeatedly and expecting different results. We must be the change, folks … we must be the change!!!

Looking Back and Looking Forward: Trayvon & the Quest for Justice.


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