On Being a Patriot in the Days to Come

Yes, I’m back, though this will be a blog of relatively few words. We’re 6 months into this regime, and still, in too many ways, being bested by a predator/game show host. He has, in too many ways to recount, fueled the id of America. Why go high when you can go low, then lower still?  With this country’s birth — it didn’t liberate us all, it required the genocide of others who were already here  –we need a “we’re all in this boat together now,” moment.
So pause for a moment, and bring to mind whatever issue(s) you find to be of greatest concern for our nation right now.
  • Healthcare?
  • Muslim ban?
  • Climate change?
  • Voter suppression?
  • Backsliding on protecting our kids in schools?
  • Receding from progress re: policing and criminal justice reform?
  • Immigration:  deporting people wantonly and without regard for their safety in their home countries, or valid reasons for remaining here

Did this Joe and Mika mess make anyone’s list? Anyone’s? Then why did many, led by the press, jump right in to condemn, finger wag, judge or simply tsk, tsk the actions of someone we already knew to be morally bankrupt? Because 45 is very good at making folks react to his lowest common denominator behavior.  And while you’re reacting, while he is distracting the press by attacking their own, what isn’t getting air time? What is being deprived of oxygen and attention? The fact that Medicaid is in the crosshairs and 23 million or more stand to lose healthcare? The fact that we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of Russian interference on our most recent election and 45 will shortly be off to meet with Putin?

This July 4th we must all (re)commit to the (re)formation of a more perfect union. In order to do that, our first pledge must be to focus only on what matters, #Ignore45 #Focuson23million #FocusontheMuslimBan Focus on what unites us, what makes us better and stronger as a country. My kid only threw one tantrum in his life: the kind where you throw yourself on the ground and kick up a big fuss. As he started to do so, I stepped over him, walked away and didn’t give him an audience. If you want to take back our country #StarvetheBeast
I wish i could take credit for having come to this moment of enlightenment on my own, but the credit goes to Rachel Maddow who has doggedly been pursuing the facts and starving the beast. Watch at least the first 15 minutes of this show; it’s worth it, trust me.
And here’s an example of refusing to be distracted and pushing forward on an issue that has been discarded or treated disgracefully by this Administration.
These struggles will continue, and the opposition is being headlined by someone who flatly does not care about this country, who is likely using his position to enrich himself and who has created a leadership vacuum.   Remember that nature abhors a vacuum. The choice is yours:  let him fill it with empty combative tweets or you fill it, by keeping the twitter feeds and FB posts and discourse full of substance and your sense of what our priorities, values and policies should be as a nation. Granted, we won’t always agree, but we also won’t be talking about “reality White House,” and that will ensure that we (re)”establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility … for the United States of America.”